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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 27, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline," it's august 27th. delegates for israel and hamas have signed a number of cease fires, each time they started to fight again, now they have agreed to a long-term truce. the negotiators accepted a deal to enter in to an unlimited cease fire at 7:00 p.m. tuesday, local time. people in gaza have run from israely air strikes since early
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july. they took to the streets to celebrate. >> reporter: i feel happy and joyful like all palestinians do. our family welcomes the truce agreement. >> delegates for hamas have been demanding that israel lifts the block aid, and they have agreed to ease it. fishing zones off the coast will be expanded. israel has been demanding that hamas fighters give up their weapons. they didn't get with a they wanted. egyptian government officials said that the two sides on would resume talks in a month. israel launched air strikes in early july they say to stop attacks on their territory. and then they sent in ground troops. health officials in gaza say more than 2100 people in the territory were killed and more than 60 israelys were killed in the conflict. leaders in other countries have been hoping for a cease fire,
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they are urging both sides to stick to their word. >> we hope that it will prove to be durable and sustainable and it will put an end to rocket and mortar attacks and will it bring an end to the conflict in gaza. >> we will be there to also, to also support, obviously the implementation the best way we can. >> he said u.n. officials would like to see a return of humanitarian aid to gaza as soon as possible. the presence of ukraine and russia have held the first one on one talks over the crisis over the common border. poroshenko and putin met to try to come to an agreement, but they have agreed to keep talking. they have been tracking the fighting. more than 2000 people have been killed since april. diplomats from other nations
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have been pushing the leaders to organize a cease fire. poroshenko and putin are believed to have discussed what officials want sent in. they have spoken to representatives of the european union. poroshenko said that strengthening border controls to prevent the inflow of weapons would ease tensions. putin said discussed ways to stop the bloodshed, but he kept the options open. >> translator: if our concerns are not considered in the negotiations, then we will have no choice but to protect our economic interests. >> put sin scheduled to visit japan over the next few months, for talks with prime minister abe. they have taken different positions on the crisis in the ukraine and want to talk about
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situations that go back further. >> reporter: japan and russia need to resolve issues that were lingering for decades. the two countries have still not signed a peace treaty ending world war ii. it maintains that russian controlled islands are a part of japan's territory. prime minister abe aims to resolve the issues. he atebded the opening a ceremonies of the sochi winter olympic games. they agreed on putin's visit to japan. russia's ties with the west deteriorated rapidly following the downing of the malasian passenger jet. the visit to japan is going remain unchanged for putin.
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>> japan will make a decision that takes in to account its national interests. professor is an expert on rush politi politics, he said that it's in the russian leader's interests to strengthen ties with japan. >> from russia's point of view, japan is a part of this strategy, but it has not adopted tough sanctions, i think russia is probably expecting japan to obtain a somewhat neutral attitude in this regard. it was our intention -- so, in a way russia is promoting japan preparations for the next step.
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japan has been limited to restricting entry of more than 20 russians in to japan. observers say that it would not cause much damage to either of the countries. they have to confirm the date of the visit. -- >> takes in to account the national interests. >> translator: i think we can presume it's signaling to moscow to push forward with negotiations on a peace treaty. the current situation could help
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japan. japan needs to continue negotiating are -- with russia. they are getting ready to accept put putin's visit. >> in a time when russia is facing international criticism, a visit by putin to japan could provide an opportunity to move forward on one of the most crucial diplomatic issues. >> some reports say that the helicopter was shot down. u.n. officials are investigating. >> we received a report that one of our helicopters, an mi-8 had
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crashed ten kilometers in the unity state. >> all three of the crew members that died are russian and the helicopter was chartered from a russian firm. they agreed to a cease fire in may, but have not honored it. some reports say an opposition commander had warned them not to fly over the area. south sudan gained independence three years ago, but the residents have not seen the stability they hoped for, more than 10,000 u.n. peace keepers are working to protect them and provide aid. when south sudan gained independence, there was a sense of optimism in the air. that has all but faded. loyalists of the president have been locked in war with the supporters of the former vice president, and people have had to flee their homes. >> reporter: the unrest between
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the two sides has displaced people around the country. at this u.n. base, more than 30,000 people have taken shelter. 29-year-old isaac rick brought his wife and three children here. they have been living on this tiny plot since december. since wife, has been confined bed with malaria, a mark on his forehead identifies him as being a member of the ethnic group. their home is only one kilometer away, but they cannot return because people from the rival group has occupied their neighborhood. >> they have identified people by this mark, only the u.n.
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troops will accept me here. if there's no u.n. troop, our lives will be worse. >> president kiir is one group, and the vice president is a machar, the differences between the groups is taking on an increasingly ethnic dimension. one blames the other for the violence. >> translator: it's the former vice president's fault, he tried to steal power from the president. >> he is 44 years old. he lost both his parents during the long civil war in the 1980s before south sudan became independent. he ended up in the refuge camp,
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but managed to continue his studies in ethiopia and the united states. after the country won the independence, he returned with hopes for the young country. those hopes, however, began to fade last december, when he he was attacked by armed men. >> people with gun, took mine. say, you stay here, we will kill you. >> he has not been a able to find a job. he is still living with his relatives. >> i came here to do something. it's my country. i come here to do something with my government. but the time i'm here, everything is a mess. all dream i have, all the vision, messed up.
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>> reporter: people in south sudan, longed and fought for independence for years and now that they have got it, many say, their lives are even worse than before. and that they are living in fear of their immediate neighbors. nhk world. south sudan. >> it's time for the latest in business news, investors are sifted through the latest economic data out of the u.s. and they are liking what they are seeing. good morning. fill us in. >> catherine, good morning, much of the u.s. economy is driven private consumption. they were excited to see the multi-year highs and they took indexes higher. the dow jones had a record high of 17,153, toward the end, it did lose ground and it managed a slight gain at the close at
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0.17%. and the s&p 500, that ended above 2,000 for the first time ever. well, let's see how all of this is affecti ining markets here i japan. good morning, how are the markets opening here? >> very good morning, with the european and u.s. markets continuing higher and the dolladollar yen above 104, it's a up a third of a % for the nikkei. the nikkei closed in the negative on tuesday largely because of the drop in the dollar against the yen. however, we are seeing a bit of a reversal now and analysts are suggesting that with cheaper evaluation, there's roop for further gains.
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now, investors are encouraged by positive sentiment out of the u.s., the conference boards, was the highest in six years and durable goods orders, jumped 22.6% in july and that was the biggest monthly gain on record. so, some positive economic data comi coming out as well, we had fos corporate news, burger king said it would merge with canadian coffee and doughnut chain, tim hortons and that would create the world's third biggest food chain. so we will check on, see how that effects japanese related shares here as well. and we should also watch out for kawasaki heavy industries, a med media report said that it won an order to build a natural gas plant in central asia and that is believed to be, or would be the world's biggest of its kind. >> and you mentioned the dollar/yen earlier, get us up to
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date on the currency pairs. >> as i said, we are back above 104.11 to 16, that is after the dip below the level. which did weigh on exporters and other sectors. after strong economic date a the dollar has jumped higher against the yen and other currencies. the euro is weaker on speculation, further monitor ease onning measures by the european bank. on tuesday, it has -- it the lowest level against the dollar in a year and also posting weekly low against the yen. now weaker than expected business sentiment for the leading economy, has highlighted the concerns about the economic reasons. i will keep track of that, as well as asian indexes and china related shares as well, concerns about the real estate sector, for now, the nikkei and the topics in the positive. >> we will touch base with you in a few hours, thank you for
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that report. officials with japan's government ministries are set to demand more than 100 trillion yen. that is more than $960,000 for the 2015 fiscal budget. the record outlay represents the struggle of the need to balance government's growth plans and health and welfare. the biggest request ever. the money is needed to cover pension and medical costs among other growing social security is outlays as the country's population ages, prime minister abe's growth strategy is driving up the budget. official s have decided to allocate $40 billion, for projects aimed at enabling the strategy. the request for policy spending is expected to be $730 billion. in addition, debt service cost will likely grow to nearly $250
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billion, as the balance of government bonds continues to rise. officials from each ministry will submit the request to the finance ministry by friday. india's anti-trust regulator has fined car makers for withholding supplies of spare parts t car makers have been ordered to pay a total of $420 million. the competition commission on of india slapped the highest fine of $220 million on tat toters. maru t-- maruti suzuki was fine $78 million. the other automakers were local units of toyota, honda and nissan, all in japan and general motors in the united states. they are accusing them of restricting auto parts to their own dealers snubbing independent
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repair shops. the automakers are said to have taken advantage of the dominant positions to raise prices of spare parts. the complaints about indian drivers about getting vehicles repaired at low cost shops, because the parts are unavailable is what brought this situation forward. local media records say, that some plan to appeal the decision. and that is all for now in business news. >> thanks very much. well, athletes with disabilities already have their eyes on the paralympics in tokyo, he they will compete in various events. the athletes swim 750 meters, cycle 20 kilometers and then run pief more japan's top competitor is determined to win a spot at the games and the medal. nhk world, here is the story.
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>> at age 29, he is already near the top of his class in the triathlon. in the international competition in may, he competed against other world class athletes to win a bronze medal. he was born without full use of his legs. he works at a major telecommunications company. he begins training for an hour as soon as he gets home from work. >> translator: i work on all the exercises, every day. without exception. no training, no win. >> reporter: as a child, he was serious about attending sports day at school. he has always been competitive and would sit and watch his friends race. he still believes he can do just about anything.
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he started out as a swimmer and climbed to the top rank in japan. he swam in the paralympics three times in a row and never won a medal. he decided to compete in the paratriathlon. >> translator: i wanted to expand the possibilities for being chosen for the tokyo team. and winning a medal. >> reporter: jumpei is already a 12th ranked swimming, but this triathlon has a running and biking segment. so he needs somebody to help him in the segments. this is a bicycle mechanic. they met two years ago. and immediately befriended each other. he volunteered to assist jumpei
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throughout the race. at the meet in may, he was the handler. his work behind the scenes helped to bring jumpei in to the top international ranks. >> translator: what i like best about him is that he makes the most of every experience. even failure. >> reporter: in the bike event, jumpei is using a hand cycle, he reaches speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. after the bike, he runs using a wheelchair. he said, this is a part where he needs the most work. >> translator: we try to figure out what is the best way to position me in the wheelchair. adjusting parts for different
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sitting positions. >> reporter: jumpei has a spirited discussion with him about how to improve his performance. they refine everything down to the last detail. >> translator: isn't it better to have your right leg at a higher angle? >> translator: no. the right leg is fine. but the left one, feels like it's locked. >> reporter: jumpei said that he is always willing to help and that really motivates him while he is training. >> translator: first i want to win a gold medal, and my ultimate goal is to get another medal here in tokyo in 2020. i want to show my gratitude to everyone who has help hadded me. -- who has helped me. >> reporter: he will continue to
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train hard while sharing his joy. nhk world. >> it's time now for a check of the weather. people in tokyo are popping up their umbrellas and feeling a light breeze on their way to school or work this morning. we have the latest. >> yes, exactly. what we have been seeing out here is cloud cover and temperatures are definitely dropping down across, not only tokyo, but further off towards the north where we have this coast high that is pumping in the cooler air and low temperaturevyrys are in place -- low temporary advisories are in place. we do have cloud cover and we have that rainfall out here and the good news, it's not going to be that heavy. don't expect flooding. that is fantastic news. further west, you do not need more rainfall after last week's deadly land slides. same thing goes for southern
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portions of south korea. who had significant flooding early on, and it looks like most of the rain will be tapering off, except for isolated showers. this is what a lot of people want to see, and -- we will be warming up, and by the weekend. so that is something to look out for, you may be wanting to start getting your sweaters out of your closet here. as we look ahead to the next several days. i do want to mention back to the west. across the scattered hours out here. this could develop in to rainfall towards japan, for you now, thunderstorms are in place out here. and they have been fueled in by a low comes across the south. on tuesday, good news, it is taking off for hong kong.
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let's look across the pacific now. i do want to talk about a hurricane, this was a category 5 hurricane. it was tapering off, and we are expecting it to be a tropical storm. i know the track is staying off shore here. but we are seeing coastal flooding over towards parts of baha california, and it's a place where several fishermen have gone missing because of the containing russ waves. it's dangerous for those near the beach. toward the labor day weekend, it will weaken out. thunderstorms flaring up across the southwest. this is bringing in flash flood watches and it not helping the drought that is ongoing for much of california over towards nevada as well. this will develop more so and move toward the east following
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behind another storm system that is bringing in thunderstorms, and severe weather going on right now. and around the detroit area, 150 thousand people now without power, we have seen flash flooding taking place and back on your tuesday, flash flooding taking place in the indiana, where you are seeing cars trying to drive through flooded rows there, dangerous, you want to avoid that if at all possible. that will still be possible, as we look ahead though, across the northeast as the storm system moves off. if you are looking in to the weekend, it's this one that will move across the great lakes. further toward the south. temperatures staying hot. something you want to be careful about with your heat indexes out there. do want to wrap it up and i'm more on this later on, across europe, because we have a low here towards the east and it has been pumping the cooler air toward the south. thunderstorms flaring towards the alps, some could be severe and north of that you want a sweater. london a high of 20. here is the extended out look.
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and that is all for this edition of "newsline," thanks for staying with us.
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>> welcome to "global 3000," your weekly look at how global developments -- affect us all. and here's what we have coming up for you today -- godly garments -- why lotus silk is fast becoming a cash commodity in burma. a very different solar system -- how farmers in nicaragua secure their harvests using the sun. and, plans for a controversial dam project in laos spark fears in countries further downstream. myanmar is opening up. that sounds like very good news for the burmese and the region as a whole. certainly investors have lost no time and are flocking to burma to turn the un


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